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Planned Maintenance


“Time is money and unexpected downtime costs even more.”

Batteries Unlimited Planned Maintenance program offers our customers fleet maintenance and checkups on a regularly scheduled basis.


This service ensures that batteries, chargers, and other power management equipment run smoothly. The mission of Batteries Unlimited’s Planned Maintenance program is to reduce and eliminate interruptions to your business operations. Contact us for a custom quote to match your specific power management needs.


Technical Support

More than a regular technical services resource, our highly trained and certified technicians can conduct onsite reviews and provide you with a report outlining options and recommendations to help your fleet run uninterrupted.


Additionally, Batteries Unlimited technicians can perform on-site maintenance/battery washing that is self-contained and adheres to EPA Regulations. Batteries Unlimited always stands behind 100% of its products and services.


The Problems and The Solution

This service inspects and Identifies weakness in your motive equipment to significantly reduces motive equipment downtime. Typical problem areas that can stop a forklift or pallet jack include:


  • Weak Battery Cells

  • Damaged Cables

  • Steel Tray Decay etc.


Why Choose Batteries Unlimited for Your Motive Maintenance Partner?
  • Reduces Your Maintenance and Service Burdens

  • Extend the Life of Your Fleet

  • Southland Battery Owns The Largest On-Site Fully Equipped Wash Truck Fleet In South Texas

  • Experienced, Factory-Trained and Certified Technicians

  • Custom Power Solutions and Services

  • Total Fleet Management Programs Available

  • Southland Battery Has The Largest Rental Fleet in South Texas

  • Reduce Equipment Damage

  • Southland Battery Meets and Exceeds All EPA Regulations

  • Reduce Your OPEX and CAPEX


We’d be glad to hear from you, so contact us today so we can get started serving your business.

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